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We had a clogged toilet on a Saturday and needed to have it fixed quickly before heading out of town for a wedding. Ray was able to get here within the hour and fix our toilet so we could make it to the wedding on time. It was also about $200 less than other companies were quoting us over the phone. We would definitely use them again.

Power Rooter Local Drain Cleaning Contractor

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services

Your local Chicago plumbers from Power Rooter plumbing and drain company represent professional and good service, it's all what we need these days.

Power Rooter name unites experience and innovation of technology.Our plumbers work together to take today's expertise and raise the bar for tomorrow's effort.

Feel free to ask our Chicago plumber representative regarding our products, such as enzyme and services,such as video pipe inspection after power rodding your sewer line.

 Chicago plumbing and drain cleaning company is dedicated to provide fast and reliable service.We will find solution for your plumbing and drain problems.For your convenience,you can also complete the on-line service request form and Power Rooter plumbing representative will contact you to confirm details.

Clogged Drain Problems?

Emergency service 24/7

Sewer backing up,laundry,tub or kitchen sink is not draining.We are the right company as we solve this problems every day. Diagnosing clogged drains sometimes you run into "plumbing nightmares" because some pipes are installed against plumbing codes. Kitchen sink clogged, shower clog, sewer backup all this drain repairs most often consist of clearing clogs. Please don't pour or flush substances that can potentialy clog drains.

Sump Pump and Sewage Pump Problems?

Flooding with storm water or sewer,we will fix your flooding problems fast.For more info how to prevent disaster when sump pump fails please read under sump and sewage pump section.

Toilet Problems?

Bathroom toilet clogs are frustrating and cause many people a lot of chaos around the house. Toilets occasionally get blocked, often by too much toilet paper or large deposits. Nothing in a blocked toilet is nice, so you might preffer first calling Chicago plumbers.Toilet overflowing,leaking,running non stop. We can fix it !

 Heating And Cooling Problems?


 Each season depending on a weather we are running into dilemma no heat or no cold air inside the house . Furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters and air conditioning we repair, fix and install the same day. When you do maintenance and clean your equipment you have minimum risk for breakdowns. The average Chicago home would need almost 5 times more heating than air conditioning over a calendar year. Chicago furnace repairs during the winter season are usually considered an emergency procedure. This is why furnace heating repair service providers are available 24/7 during the winter season. The problem that most people encounter with their furnaces is that their efficiency is not at maximum which results in tremendously cold winters. The problem even adds up, because now, you are left cold and could barely accomplish your daily routines. Furnaces keep homes warm in the winter and serve as a crucial part of your air conditioning system during the summer.According to furnace repairs are among the most common services needed during the winter time. With that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to keep your furnaces maintained so you won’t have a lot of problems during the times that you need them the most.


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